[A] big THANK YOU for hosting the wonderful reading on Nov. 17th. What a lovely event it was full of fun, engaging readers and a truly...appreciative and engaged audience. Your attention to the details of planning the evening really shows. Not everyone handles their venue with such kind invitation! I truly appreciate it and am so glad to know about the treasure that is East Line Books...--Julianna Spallholz
Just wanted to say how much I love your writing classes Robyn. I learn so much and I love the company of other writers and such a supportive environment ... and surrounded by books, no less. I have such a special place in my heart for you and for East Line as the place I found my "voice." Thank you for another great group tonight! --Heather Haskins
We just love books and we love the East Line Book Store!--Karine Muniere
Robyn is a fine writer and teacher, with an exquisite eye for detail, a terrific ear for listening to her students, and a great sense of how to help everyone in class. She has my highest recommendation. -Marion Roach Smith, Author  "The Roots of Desire: The Myth, Meaning and Sexual Power of Red Hair" and "Another Name for Madness," 
Robyn's enthusiasm for all things books and writing, plus her love of people, make her a great resource for writers. -Amy Halloran 
Robyn is an excellent facilitaor whether it be with a group of young women who are discovering all the joys of growing up and being responsible citizens, or with a group of adults who have come together to share a common experience. I have always enjoyed being in Robyn's presence because she is thoughtful, thought-provoking and always focused on helping people do the very best they can, She is no doubt one of the most selfless people I know. -Cynthia "Crickett" Thomas-O'Dell , Director of Admsissions, The Sage Colleges 
 Robyn is a knowledgeable and sensitive writer with the skill to transfer her knowledge to other writers through perceptive curriculum and individualized instruction. Her knowledge of the craft is extensive and her easy way with kids and adults makes her an excellent mentor for writers of varying skill levels. -Tammy Robinson, Managing Editor/Executive Director at Skribblers Magazine
Robyn's book store is warm and inviting. She is very helpful and understands what customer service is all about. Visit her at her store. You will be delighted by Robyn.  -Jacqueline Corratti
I took two memoir/fiction writing classes with Robyn at her store, East Line Books. I wanted to improve my memoir writing skills and was not disappointed. Robyn has an indepth knowledge of all genres of writing and her honesty and clarity toward my work really improved my essays. Her classes are a safe haven for free expression and she encourages writers of all levels to go deeper and find their true voice. I will continue to take classes with Robyn and visit her bookstore as she provides a much needed service in Clifton Park. I highly recommend her skills as a writer and editor -Janine Cammarata
East Line Books is a delightful bookstore with an excellent selection of books. You'll find books that you've been meaning to read. Buy required reading for your children so that they can make notes for school. This is a store to spend time in browsing, enjoying being surrounded by books, sitting in a comfy chair, or chatting with the owner and staff. -Marta Gomez
Robyn is an excellent writing teacher. I have taken her Memoir Writing Classes for the last 3+ years. I have learned so much from Robyn. She teaches in a very supportive, encouraging manner. She is very enthusiastic and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn or improve their writing. - Marguerite MacDonald

Robyn's collaborative nature and community-oriented spirit make it a pleasure to engage with her on both a personal and professional level. I don't ever have a conversation with her that doesn't get my own creative juices flowing! -
Rachel Lauber
I've had the distinct pleasure to work with Robyn in her capacity of writing teacher, literary curator, and panel moderator at the Arts Center of the Capital Region. She is highly intelligent, committed, and dedicated to achieving results that are both professional, and deeply personal for those involved. As a writing teacher, she is beloved for the rapport she builds with her students while guiding them to be ever-better at what they do. As a curator, she showed great vision for building a public program that engaged the audience and built community between a diverse group of writer/readers. As a panel moderator on the topic of social and economic inequity, she delicately balanced the views of the audience and guests to foster critical dialogue on difficult topics. Robyn reputation in the community as an activist and advocate is solid and well-deserved. her sensitivity, integrity and dedication make her an excellent educator and a a valuable member of our community. -Jill Rafferty-Weinisch , Director of Performing Arts and Outreach, The Arts Center of the Capital Region 
Robyn Ringler is a gifted communicator with the ability to inspire both aspiring and veteran writers. Equally important, she is a gifted writer as seen in her “Letter to Al Pacino” which was published in “Women’s Letters: America from the Revolutionary War to the Present” edited by Lisa Grunwald (Dial Press 2005), her essay "Dissection," which was recently published in Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write Their Bodies, edited by Sayantani DasGupta and Marsha Hurst and published by the Kent State University Press. and her account of taking care of President Reagan during the days after he was shot. Robyn's skill as a writiing teacher is also revealed in the quality of her students' essays.-
Dan Weaver , Owner, The Book Hound
I have known Robyn Ringler for over a decade. She has counseled me on many projects. She is creative and a hard worker. Robyn has an expert knowledge in writing and a love for helping others to find their voice as writers. She believes in the ability of everyone to be great and helps them to get there. I would recommend working with Robyn to everyone.-Danielle Clinton  
Robyn is a sympathetic and focused teacher who articulates well the necessary skills for non-fiction writing. She's patient and good humoured and runs a wonderful book store, where's she built a community of readers and writers. -K. A. Laity
Robyn is active with the Friends of the Library as a member of the Two Towns One Book Community Read Project. Her business in Clifton Park has been a community partner and I value her contributions as a writer, teacher and community activist. You can depend on Robyn for quality services. -Jo Anne Robbins , President, Friends of the Clifton Park - Halfmoon Public Library 
Robyn is a writing teacher who understands writing from the inside out. Her own writing is engaging and well crafted, and she is an encouraging and knowledgeable teacher of writing workshops as well. East Line Books is one of my favorite bookstores! If I lived closer to East Line, I would be a very frequent customer! -Judith Prest , Owner, Spirit Wind Studio 
 I asked Robyn to review and edit a story I wrote. Her suggestions were very helpful not only with regard to this particular story, but in providing insight into my writing style. The revised story was subsequently accepted for publication in an anthology
. -
Sandor Schuman  
Robyn is a talented writing teacher who knows how to bring out the best in each of her students. Her relaxed and accepting approaching puts students at ease and helps them find their hidden potential and connect with the joy of writing.
Judi Clements
I have known Robyn since 2008 when she opened her book store just a few months after I started my business. It has been a pleasure watching her constantly enhance her shop to make it more welcoming. It’s become a haven for book enthusiasts looking to find hard-to-find books and a comfortable place to discuss them. A true asset to our community, her Creative Writing classes are somewhat of a "hidden gem". Adults and children alike have a rare opportunity to learn the craft of professional writing from someone who knows every step of the process from concept to publishing to point of sale. If you are a reader, writer, author or have children who love to read and write (or maybe they don't realize yet that they do) I encourage you to take the time to visit her shop and get to know Robyn for yourself. You won't be disappointed. In fact, you will most likely leave inspired by her professionalism, knowledge and passion for books and the positive effects they have on our society as well as her friendly, welcoming nature. 
-Rebecca Dubois, Publisher / Owner at Coffee News USA,
I had the pleasure of working with Robyn while I was the director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and she served on the board of directors. During that time period, Robyn wrote several op-ed pieces that were published in the Albany Times - Union and other publications. In addition, Robyn crafted successful fundraising appeals and created compelling educational materials for our members and the general public regarding gun violence prevention. -Andy Pelosi, Founder/Executive Director at GunFreeKids.org
Robyn is an incredibly gifted teacher and mentor. She is patient, thoughtful, and truly cares about her students. In addition, she has an energy and passion that is contagious. Robyn is a great instructor in all aspects.-Andrea S. BarberManager, Supplier Contracts and Policy Governance at Rochester Institute of Technology
I just had to let you know that amongst a growing stack of books I just finished one I was given for Christmas from your shop. The Book Thief. I'm afraid I may be guilty of shedding tears, but wanted to thank you for ultimately putting that book into my hands. That will be one of those books that will be with me for a long time, thank you.-Kyle Lynn Felton
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